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September 20, 2017

seattle, pt. 1

Over Labor Day, I hauled myself up at the ungodly hour of 3:30 AM, hopped on an Amtrak train to BWI and somehow survived a 5-hour flight next to a man with extremely long legs. What’s awesome about traveling westward is that you essentially get all of the time you spent on the plane back – which I love. So I took advantage of the time, and met Sarah (my best bud, soul friend, life force) for lunch a little north of downtown Seattle, and then proceeded to explore downtown, and up into Queen Anne the next day. I’ll write more about our hike around the foothills of Mount Rainer (holy hills) but for now, I hope you like these photos!

One thing I can say: buy an ORCA card. If you’re familiar with DC’s transit system, it’s literally almost the exact same as a SmarTrip card. An ORCA card is reloadable, costs around $2, and works on all buses, trolleys, etc, except the metrorail. It also works on the LightLink, which is the Seattle underground/above-ground transit system.

Sarah works literally one block from the Space Needle.

I ended up buying a daypack the week before the trip while picking up my hiking boots at REI. It’s the Co-op Flash 22 Pack, and it was supremely helpful both in hauling groceries home after my trip and serving as my personal item on all of my flights and travel. It’s super light, held up really well in the Seattle rain (phone was in an exterior pocket and didn’t get soaked from the city’s traditional mist). I also primarily used it as my daypack when Sarah and I went hiking, and it was the perfect size for a water bottle or two, an outer layer, granola bars, phone, keys, wallet.

Seattle really quenched my thirst for a huge city again. I hate admitting it, but I miss Chicago’s skyscrapers, and I miss the way the river cuts right up against the riverwalk. Seattle really felt similar to Chicago in that way – it’s right on the Sound, and while I’m sure the skyscrapers downtown aren’t the main draw, they made me feel happy for some reason.

I immediately headed here as soon as I landed because 1) the weather was sucky and I figured it wouldn’t be crowded, and 2) I was curious! I’ve only seen photos!

It was extremely crowded, and the sun came out right as I got there, so it was hot and sweaty and a little claustrophobic. But I’m still glad I went.

In addition to the main market, which you’ve probably seen photos of, there are also levels of the market down below as well. I found a cute little vintage mug shop down there, and almost caved and bought the Mt. St. Helens mug.

Post Alley is an alley right next to Pike Place, and is also filled with cute-but-touristy shops. Worth an amble.

One of my other goals for my first day in Seattle was to get as close to the water as physically possible. Mission accomplished.

After making it downtown, I headed over to Pioneer Square to get a cup of coffee at Cherry Street Coffee House and to make some personal phone calls – it was nice to take a break from walking. Sarah recommended Pioneer Square, and I’m so glad she did. The area is one of the oldest in Seattle, and has all of these giant green trees and old shopfronts.

This is pretty much where day one ended because I just walked back to meet Sarah for dinner. Day 2 + 3 are coming soon, and I’m working on an interactive Google Map showing you around the city from my point of view. Stay tuned!

In Style on
September 18, 2017

brrrr, it’s coat in here

I reached the realization last winter than I needed a new coat when mine started shedding pieces of fluffy down left and right. I didn’t actually think that much of it until a day in late January when a particularly fierce wind gust went right through me and I realized: My coat isn’t warm…anymore? Mine has schlepped with me from Paris to Prague and back and is finally biting the dust. It was a good run.

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In Life on
September 12, 2017

what 9/11 means to me

I struggle, always, to write about 9/11. It’s not because I knew anyone in the towers (I didn’t) or because I had an experience with someone who did (I haven’t). I was in Disneyworld. I was 7.  While it is a bizarre story, I still have a story in the same way everyone else does; where they were when they learned about the news, and who they were with and what they were doing. My aunt is the only person I know who knew people who died in the attack on the Pentagon. We visited their names at the memorial in New York City. We paid our respects. Then, we left.

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September 3, 2017

easy like (Seattle)

Morning pals! I’m curled up in a basement in Green Lake, Seattle, marveling at the lightness and non-humidity of the early morning air. It feels like it’s been decades since I’ve felt a crisp morning breeze. Can’t lie – I really missed it. It’s also my mom’s birthday today, and so naturally I’m missing her like crazy.

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In Beauty on
August 25, 2017

lil spots

I took the above picture when I was having a pretty bad skin day. But I was actually feeling…pretty pretty? I was wearing my fave new earrings (the bigger the better) and my fave outfit (dark blue skinny jeans, white button down, brown belt), and had freshly painted toes from the night before. Having zits was just a footnote for my morning.

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August 13, 2017

easy like (new apartments)

A note: I wrote this post before seeing the horror that occurred in Charlottesville, VA this weekend. My heart goes out to the families of the woman and state troopers who were killed, but make no mistake: that hate that those angry, right-wing protestors harbor still lives in your backyard, in your neighborhood, possibly next door.

You have a responsibility to support your black, brown and minority brothers and sisters as they work to achieve rights systematically denied to them. Listen. Donate to organizations working to advance these causes (You can find an awesome list here). Call out hate when you see it.

Back to regularly scheduled programming:

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July 23, 2017

easy like (sunday)


I’m writing this week’s post on a lazy Saturday afternoon, after schlepping through the National Gallery of Art (again) this morning. I saw Dunkirk last night, and while I was skeptical about seeing it in IMAX, I’m really glad I did. It completely enhanced the entire experience of the movie, which is beautifully shot and written, especially because there’s very little dialogue.

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