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July 20, 2014

L’inspiration, n’est-ce pas?

Inspiration hits me really hard when I’m home for any extended period of time.

Maybe it’s because I used to create things here in my cream-colored bedroom. I was the enemy of my mother’s wooden doors because I’d stick magazine clippings and articles and photos to them with masking tape–tape that would later totally destroy the door and leave sticky residue behind (I think she’s happy I moved out).

Now whenever I’m back home, I can’t stop thinking about things I’d like to write about or create. Where does your inspiration hit you hardest?

Harper’s Baazar has a phenomenal article about the best quotes in fashion, which I’m loving for inspiration right now.

I also love collecting DIY ideas…since I’m moving back into an apartment soon (soon!), I’m collecting decorating ideas. Do you have any to share?

(Pssst: My cute little point and shoot camera isn’t doing it for me anymore, and I’m trying to find good decent (read: cheapish) cameras online. Any tips?)



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