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August 12, 2014

Tiny Houses

I have become borderline obsessed with something:

Tiny houses.

First, for the photos (found via Google Image Search):


Photo 1 // Photo 2 // Photo 3 (Click photos for links, too!)

Tiny homes are homes that are roughly no larger than 200 square feet, according to this super-informative CBS article. But what you lack in floorspace, you make up for in efficiency. Your carbon footprint is smaller, you have less crap to move around (honestly, how much stuff do we even need?) and your home is more organized, simply because it has to be!

CBS profiled a woman who moved into her tiny home because, after her stroke at just 39, she wanted less stress and I for one think it was the perfect option! She also wrote a memoir about her move from 2,000 sq ft to just 84, titled “The Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself Memoir.” I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Additionally, A&E recently debuted a show called “Tiny House Nation” profiling people building their own tiny homes.

I love this idea if only because it appeals to the part of me that desperately wants to sell what she has and backpack across America. I don’t see myself in a large home anyway, and I can imagine it would be difficult to raise kids in a tiny house, but for someone who only has a partner or lives alone, this is a great alternative!

Granted, I am skeptical, too, about my own ability to live in a tiny house…but a person can dream, right?

Curious about more? Check out,,…there are so many websites that you can investigate!

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