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December 8, 2014



Well last week my hard drive crashed and life became a lot more interesting!

Luckily someone noticed it before me and I saved the majority of important files on my computer, but there’s something about being caught off-guard like that…it was a blessing inside a curse though, because I could pretend I didn’t have any responsibilities during last week’s Thanksgiving Break while the hard drive was off being replaced. Now, of course, it’s miraculously (and expensively) fixed, so I can go back to regularly checking my email and being a general workaholic.

I definitely didn’t go stir crazy without my computer though. Yes, I still had a phone and WiFi and all that jazz. And yes, I did miss West Wing on Netflix and may have watched five episodes in a row when I got my computer back. But did a lot of fun things sans computer too. I read Paper Towns by John Green, a book I’ve been meaning to read (in one day, no less! Girl’s still got it!). I cooked stuffing with my family to prep for Thanksgiving, I played with my adorable dog, and I actually got to relax. For me, it’s hard to relax in a college town as big as Columbia. There’s always someone to make plans with, something to do, somewhere to go. That can really get to me after a while, and I feel a bit emotionally exhausted.

Now, though, after a week of no-computer-no-problems, I feel more capable to tackle my inbox and assignments. I used to think it was annoying when people “unplugged” and then sang its praises. Well duh not using a computer for a week will make you feel better! It’s not rocket science!

But, alas, I have become one of those people. And I don’t know how to feel about it.

Here’s to hoping you get to unplug during the coming holiday weeks, and get to sing its praises too.

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