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January 27, 2015

“We’ll Always Have Paris”


While we were in what I believe is the most beautiful city in the world, it was rocked by terrorist attacks. Therefore, naturally, some of the activities I wanted to do simply weren’t an option, as we did spend half a day holed up in a hotel room watching BBC. Aside from the security threats, though, it was an amazing stop. Often when I was in Brussels after our trip to Paris, I’d think to myself: “Paris ruined it for me. This is the post-Paris effect.”

So I apologize the Brussels and to Belgium in general, as I really wasn’t in a state to properly appreciate you.

I suppose that’s just how life goes though, right?

My favorite things about Paris?


Boulevard St-Germain-de-Près:This is the neighborhood closest to the Eiffel Tower, and it’s exactly the kind of Parisian neighborhood you’d expect to see all over Paris.

The metro: This. Was. Absolutely. Wonderful. After a minor snafu trying to figure out the metro system, I have to admit that the entire process stole my heart. I love that you only have to pick a direction on a line instead of waiting for the train to arrive going the other way. I love the quiet atmosphere in the cars. I love how each station is decorated differently. I love it all.

Notre Dame: It’s surreal to study a church and then walk around inside of it.


Tiny cafes: This is something I’ll miss from Europe in general, but definitely Paris. It felt like there was never a shortage of cafes or restaurants or little places with teeny tiny tables that were slightly afraid of a group of 7 American girls talking much too loudly. The intimate atmosphere is something I wish I found more often in coffee shops or restaurants here in the States.

A refusal to speak improper french: I speak pretty decent French, and whenever I began a conversation in France, they would politely but deftly switch to English because they knew it wasn’t my first language. I’m sure they were being polite or were just impatient with me trying to practice, but I definitely picked up on it!

A genuine self-deprecating sense of humor at the same time as a deeply rooted romanticism: Very quickly I learned that French people can be romantic and cynical at the same time, as if the two don’t contradict each other. It made me love them even more.


I definitely feel as though I have unfinished business in Paris. So, naturally, I’ll have to go back, right?

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