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April 17, 2015

Things I Wanted to Write About This Week, But Didn’t.


This week has been surprisingly calm. In fact, a lot of my weeks have been calmer than I imagined they would be…maybe it’s the fact that the beginning of this semester was so hellish, or maybe it’s because I’m finally giving myself some room to breathe and actually do fun things (like spending last night surrounded by great friends and amazing music).

Either way, this is what I was reading this week:

What it’s like to give birth in prison, and how The Doula Project is helping mothers. Just because a woman is behind bars doesn’t mean she should be treated any differently during childbirth.

“In Miss Eudora’s Garden,” has me dreaming about the deep south in a way I never thought I would (though I did love Charleston).

This NYT article about the so-called “Obama Doctrine” has been sitting in my bookmarks for a while, because it’s lengthy and detailed–but as a student of foreign policy and history, it feels a little bit like history being made.

The New Republic digs into the question “Why are female journalists burning out earlier than their male counterparts?” It’s a loaded question, I think, but a ridiculously interesting argument and article all the same.

If you haven’t listened to The Rollups, in which my friend Emmitt plays bass, you need to. That’s all I have to say.

Some pictures from this week:


 Reading foreign policy in an advertising lecture. Can’t stop, won’t stop?


 Kale on everything.


You know me: I can’t resist a good tree.

I’ll be in Kansas City for the first time this weekend! I hope you have a great weekend too!

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