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June 6, 2015

readers are leaders, man.


I’ve been doing a lot of reading since coming home from Missouri and subsequently beginning my internship in Washington DC. Here’s where I’ve been burying my nose while sitting outside in the (prairie) grass:


“The Last Stand in Africa’s Most Dangerous Park,” by Damon Tabor for Men’s Journal. (You should pair this with the documentary Virunga on Netflix.)

“The Only 10 Things You Need to Know Post-Graduation, from the Man Repeller. I’m not a post-grad for another year at least, but the snark and wisdom this list balances are hilarious.

6 Reasons Why You Should Do Things Alone,” from the Nectar Collective.

The Art of Living–Finding Our Creative Space, by Leah Gray from The Everygirl.

“On New York Bad Days + ‘Fake Problems'” by Grace Atwood.

What It Really Means to Eat a Big Mac at the Arctic Circle,” by Elisabeth Fairfield Stokes.

“Jane Goodall Is Still Wild at Heart, by Paul Tullis for New York Times Magazine. I love the lede to this piece; it’s amazing what little details stick to the biggest stories.

“No Survivors: What Would Happen if an 800-Kiloton Nuclear Warhead Detonated Above Manhattan? by Steven Starr, Lynn Eden, and Theodore A. Postol for Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. (What? I’m a nerd at heart. A curious nerd.)


Have you seen the bonsai trees at the Chicago Botanical Garden? So teeny. So perfect. So aesthetically pleasing.


“The Best of Outside: The First 20 Years,” including writing by Tim Cahill, Ian Frazier, Jon Krakauer (!!!) and Jane Smiley (and many, many other phenomenal outdoor, adventure, exploration, and travel writers.)

“Small Wonder Essays,” by Barbara Kingsolver

“Prodigal Summer,” by Barbara Kingsolver (my high school English teacher once said she read it every summer for a while; now I do, too.)

“Under the Tuscan Sun,” by Frances Mayes. I first watched Under the Tuscan Sun last semester for absolutely no reason only to fall in love with the character of Frances and her whirlwind adventure to the Italian countryside. Now whenever I have a bad day, I imagine just picking up and renovating a villa somewhere near Florence. I can’t wait to dig into this book. (Thanks for letting me borrow it, Aunt Dede!)

[Two of the above books were found at local secondhand bookstores. Support local businesses!]


Not an obsession.

To-Read List:

Radical Self-Love,” by Gala Darling. I’ve read her blog since I first ventured onto the internet, and I’ve loved her journey and her self-love story. I can’t wait to snap up this book once I have a more permanent mailing address in DC.

“Wild,” by Cheryl Strayed. After seeing the movie, I knew I wanted to read the book. I can’t wait to delve into it.

“The Royal We,” by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan. What? I still want to be a princess. Sue me.

“Go Set a Watchman,” by Harper Lee. You better believe I’ll be in line to get this book when it comes out on July 14.

What are you reading? 

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