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November 20, 2015

Things I Wanted to Write About This Week, But Didn’t: The Shame Edition


(Jan. 8, 2015: Studying abroad with friends and found myself in Paris during the first terrible terrorist attack in the city this year.  Seeing even worse attacks unfold over the past week was horrific; I wrote about my short, chaotic time in Paris, and what “Je suis Charlie” meant to me, here.)

All right.


It’s been two months since I wrote last, and that’s a problem. I have a lot of excuses for you, like “I was busy with school projects!” and “I took some really hard classes this semester!” or maybe, “There was a brief period where I had a concussion!” but in all honesty, it was my fault. I didn’t prioritize or hold myself to a deadline, and now I’m two months deep into a writing funk that’s looking pretty bleak.

To rectify that, I’m drafting a lot of pieces, writing more, and sinking deep into that place writers go to find more creativity when all they want to do (all I want to do) is curl up with a bagel and cream cheese and watch reruns of “The West Wing.”

This week was notably calmer than any week in the last few months, which should tell you something about my life, but here’s what I wanted to write about (really, really wanted to write about), but didn’t:

30 memoirs to read: You know how I feel about memoirs + biographies; I’ll be devouring this list over break.

Cranberry and Orange Clafoutis: Joy writes the most relatable, down-to-earth cooking blog, and she tackles a traditionally intimidating French dish with such a sense of humor and warmth. Saving this recipe for my first big-girl kitchen (that’s not 2 feet by 2 feet).

The Man Repeller always takes the words right out of my mouth, and this article about the recent tragedy in Paris is no exception.

How to Write a Book When You Have a Job: I have a part-time job, but my full-time job is “student” and I still aim to eventually write a book. This is a dose of #realtalk that I needed this week.

I read this and then slept with the lights on for three nights: “The Most Haunted Road in America.

“God laughs when you make plans,” has been true for me this semester, and since I love Gabby Bernstein’s lectures and books, her discussion of deviating from our own pre-planned paths was a must-listen for me.

The Politics of Poetryif you’re like me and have this weird thing for both politics and poetry.

Listen to: “Water Under the Bridge” – Adele

Also, predictably, I’m obsessed with the “Hamilton” soundtrack. Musical + history? Sign me up.

Have a  great weekend!

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