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March 7, 2016

Learning Polish.

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On top of everything else I’m attempting to do during my last year in college (apply for jobs, make the most of this time with all of my friends in one place, etc), I’m also attempting to learn Polish.

I speak a decent amount of French, but not as much as I used to. Learning French in high school and college was easy with an instructor; I had someone to keep me accountable, correct my mistakes, and give me instruction. Now? Learning Polish is so hard!

That’s where the Duolingo app comes in.

The app lets you practice multiple languages at a time, so I’m currently switching back and forth between French and Polish–mastering the nuances of French I never could quite get to stick and learning words for “breakfast” and “thank you” in Polish.

The app has lessons grouped by difficulty and topic, with the option to test out of some. The lessons aren’t long at all, either, which makes them perfect for me. Whenever you tap on a word, a speaker will read it to you for proper pronunciation. This is especially helpful for me in Polish because words tend to sound a lot different than I think they will! The lessons are quick and I typically do one with my morning coffee after checking emails, or after I’ve put away my work for the day and want to exercise my brain before bed.

I’ve been learning pretty much every day for a month now, and I already feel more confident with basic vocabulary and grammar. Picking up a language and practicing it every day is tough, but this app has helped a lot with the journey.

Check it out here on the app store! 

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