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March 14, 2016

Zara’s Home Spring Collection

The more I picture having (and paying for) my very own apartment, the more obsessed I become with decorating it. Granted, it’s imaginary, but a girl’s got to stay sane somehow! I’m learning a lot about what I prefer in design and decor through this imaginary decorating process, and it’s exciting!

Zara’s new spring home collection hits all my sweet spots: bright color, texture, and vivid personality.

// Pompom Percale Bedding //

// Basic Weave Checked Throw //

// Orange Chenille Throw // (okay, but this is only $30.00!)

// Embroidered Linen Curtains //

// Multicolored Cotton Rug //

// Ramie Placemat with Hemstitch //

// Turquoise Vase //


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