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September 11, 2016

easy like

You know where it’s from. “…easy like Sunday morning.”

Here are few things to explore as you hopefully lounge in stretchy pants with someone you love next to you. Ideally you also have coffee and a good book, or the Sunday edition. Not all requirements, but highly recommended.

On this 15th (15th!) anniversary of 9/11, read this classic Esquire piece: The Falling Man.

This New Yorker essay.

Something a little more cheerful: Tex-Mex Three Bean Salad (vegan) that’s even good if you forget the lime juice and add 2x the sriracha like I did.

This is the only travel coffee mug a girl needs. 

Can a national park be a person? With rights? 

This Tove Lo song, which I’ve had on repeat for at least 48 continuous hours (slight exaggeration, but also not that slight).

Let’s go get this week.

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