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October 23, 2016

easy like

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Walks around Georgetown.

This week has been absolutely crazy. I’m fighting to get back on a normal sleeping schedule, my boys are in the World Series again, and there were moments this week where I was so homesick I couldn’t see straight. But I’m here with a full cup of coffee and cold Thai food and stretchy pants. It’ll get better.

Happy Sunday, friends.

I bought some running gear from Oiselle, and while I misjudged my size, you need to check out their thoughtfully-designed line of running clothes for women. The cuts feel like a breath of fresh air.

Speaking of design: Girls to the Front, via Vichcraft. #Fempire

Because you’re ready for election season to be over just as much as I am.

7 Single Girl stereotypes we need to stop perpetuating.

Something heavy, to balance the silly: Becoming One of the World’s 65 Million Refugees. Here’s the lead:

Majid Hussain didn’t know who would turn up on his doorstep first: Colonel Gaddafi’s foot soldiers following orders to purge Libya of its migrant workforce, or vengeful rebels wielding Kalashnikovs and the conviction that everyone with black skin deserved to be lynched.

There are really dark pieces of this world, and we need to look at them as much as we look at the lighter pieces, if not more so.

Have a nice week, friends. Get lots of sleep. Get your heart rate up. Smile.

(Here’s where the title is from.) That’s why I’m easy / Easy like sunday morning 

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