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January 15, 2017

easy like…2017?

Hi friends! It’s been a minute, right?

Me and my sprained right wrist are sorry about the unintentional hiatus. But work picked up, bugs moved in, and injuries stuck around a lot longer than we thought they would. No matter, though. We’re back, and we’ve got links on links for your (hopefully) lazy Sunday. I’m headed to mass, and then to do some shopping and thank you note writing. Three day weekends are amazing, right?

These eternal optimist talking points for 2017 are just what I needed after this long week filled with really freaking weird news.

Obsessed with this dress, this tassel t-shirt, this sneaker.

Isn’t this color-wheel blanket fun?

How fashion’s athleisure trend is transitioning to the beauty industry (still, please don’t wear makeup when you work out; your pores will thank you). Love this Beauty Department round up, though.

12 Instagram accounts to unfollow in 2017. So much yes.

A little delayed, but no less important: portraits of the women of Standing Rock. 

I hope you have less bugs and less injuries than I do at the moment. Here’s to a new week!


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