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February 12, 2017

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hey what’s up hello!

It’s very cloudy here in DC, so I’ve got all the lights on and my coffee brewed in a Women’s March Seattle mug (TY Sarah!). I’m in workout clothes but it’s touch-and-go as to whether I’ll actually work out today. Same for you?

There are some cool things coming to the blog, but there are also some changes coming, too. I’ve been planning and doodling, so I’ll keep you posted about where those plans and doodles go.

Go grab those stretchy pants; it’s been quite a week:

Snagged Molly Yeh’s cookbook, “Molly on the Range” this weekend. I’ve been looking for it all over DC, so I naturally grabbed that sucker faster than I care to admit when I saw it at Kramerbooks yesterday. Check out her rad, rad recipes. 

Briefly lingered on Chuck Klosterman’s book “But What If We Were Wrong?” while picking up the aforementioned cookbook, but decided my budget would be happier without, for now. You should read this excerpt that GQ published. 

Every March, my college town holds a documentary film festival that pushes the genre of nonfiction film further and further. I love it. There’s a parade anybody can join, there are grown people in tutus and costumes, and everyone is hyped about art and movies and creativity. I can’t wait to go back.

Modern Declaration, by Edna St. Vincent Millay. Relevant.


(Sorry about the yelling, but I think you’ll agree that it’s called for.)

How to maintain your resist/work/life balance. 

Not going to lie, this DIY is very #onbrand for me.

Opinions on capsule wardrobes, anyone?

I think travel trends are kind of bullshit, and that you should go wherever you want, but this list makes it easy to pick your next destination.

Are you guys listening to Pod Save America? It’s not perfect, but again, it’s not meant to be. It’s more cathartic than anything, and you’ll definitely laugh. Something we all could use more of. Subscribe on iTunes!

Okay. I’ve got Nutella French Toast here that’s getting cold, and then I have to down a couple more glasses of water. After that, I need to do grown-up things, like grocery shopping and prescription-picking-upping.

But let’s just sit here for a few more minutes in peace, yeah?





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