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March 12, 2017

easy like (winter? spring?)

All right, friends.

It’s March. I am a Chicagoan by blood, by upbringing, and honestly, by frostbite. I can do winter. I can do winter well. But by the end of February, the itch kicks in. It’s been cold for too long. It’s been cloudy for too long. This is the kind of attitude that gets upper Midwesterners on Buzzfeed with articles titled “15 People Who Are Way Too Excited For Spring!” wearing shorts when the high temp for the day hits 45 degrees.

(No joke: when I used to walk to our neighborhood bus stop, one kid always wore shorts to school. Rain, shine, heat, cold — my dad and I used to call him Short Pants Kid. I wonder what happened to Short Pants Kid…)

So with the yo-yo weather we’ve been getting lately (#ourEarthissick), I’m frustrated. My skin is out of wack, my sinuses are screaming for help, and the poor blossoming trees outside of GW’s law school are going to lose their buds in the cold this weekend. We’re slated for 5-8 inches of snow on Tuesday. It’s just wrong.

Anyway, I’ve got coffee, and I’m going to spend the whole day baking because my eggs are almost gone off. I’m a little cranky because my pancakes are too chewy. Blegh. Here’s some stuff to read:

One last plug for Midwestern life: alcoholic coffee. (God, I love Wisconsin.)

Man Repeller went in on the idea that we all need to love our bodies all the time to achieve like heightened nirvana or something (I call my bad body image days “squishy days”).

Some new political podcasts for you, featuring my faves, Pod Save America and Pod Save the World.

Been reading The Stripe for ~2 years, and I think this is my favorite post Grace has ever written.

Kind of obsessed with this super weird minimalist flip flop (?? is it a flip flop if it does neither of those things?).

Ya girl has to watch her budget after a smashing True/False last weekend, but Glossier’s Cloud Paint is at the top of my beauty wishlist.

Ikea’s Jassa collection is pretty much all I need for summer — if it ever gets here?

Have a wonderful week, friends. We’ll get through this snow together.



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