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March 19, 2017

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Hi, pals.

This place looks a little different right? Some of the links are still broken, and I’m still trying to fix my categorization system, but this is what this nice Sunday abode will look like from now on (kind of). Let me know what you think!

Things have been weird, but in a great-stretch, surprising-spring-breeze, light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel, holy-cow-it’s-light-outside-when-I-get-home-now kind of way. Spring is coming, and he told me so himself.

Yesterday I tried to make cookies and ended up making doughy hockey pucks, but there’s honey instead of brown sugar, orange, and dark/semi-sweet chocolate bits. I may pawn them off on my coworkers come tomorrow. If they like them, you sure as hell can count on a recipe. If they hate them, let’s forget this ever happened, yeah?

My sleeping schedule has been ridiculous, so today I’m trying to exhaust myself to the point of a reasonable bedtime. Let’s get to it:

Forever food inspiration Joy the Baker released her brunch cookbook “Over Easy,” and yes, it is next on my cookbook wishlist, thanks for asking. Still loving/worshipping Molly Yeh’s “Molly on the Range.

One reason I hate traditional “work” clothes is that they all seem to generally look the same. I love this piece from Refinery29 on nontraditional, but still appropriate, work outfits.

This thinkpiece from Man Repeller on a new theory about millennials made me cackle alone in my apartment.

This roundup of funky interiors is just something you should have.

Another reason to love Emma Watson: she’s only wearing sustainable fashion on her Beauty and the Beast Press tour.

Lastly, I’m back on Pinterest, even though it overwhelms me. #toomuchcontent

Have a great Sunday, friends. Look out for more regular content here. Look out for each other. Look out for those teeny spring flowers.

Lots of love.

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