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March 26, 2017

easy like (spring!!!)

A throwback, but chocolate donuts are always cool.

Hey what’s up hello!

I’m a little hungover this morning (only a little bit) after a wonderful night romping around Georgetown with a friend I don’t see enough. She took me to a Sofar Sounds show where we learned about mouth trumpeting (!!!) and this was my favorite song, I think. We got played out to a brass, New Orleans-style “When the Saints Come Marchin’ In” and it was glorious. I will absolutely be attending another Sofar show in the future.

We went to Tombs (a G-town stereotype) and Chinese Disco (another huge G-town stereotype),  and I fell into bed around 1AM. It was a really nice Saturday night, and a great excuse to paint my toenails (these days I really need an excuse to do that).

Anyway, I need a cup of coffee, so while I pad my little bare feet over to the coffee maker, here’s something for you to read:

Here’s the thinkpiece from the New Yorker you’ve been seeing everyone and their mom post about.

Joy the Baker’s 5 recommended cookbooks because she can do no wrong.

LOOK at these matching sets LOOK AT THEM. I’m a huge sucker for matching sets.

Lowkey ordering this book right now on Amazon.

I think this apartment is true #apartmentgoals. 

Are we actually all that busy? (This begins with the classic “He ditched me after three dates” scenario, a true dating conundrum and possibly the nexxus of  the “relationship-or-no-relationship” spectrum. I, too, have fallen victim to the Three Date Scenario.) (Also, dating is a trial period, and sometimes the trials don’t work out. That’s life, and like, the point of dating. Just wanted to successfully argue both sides here.)

I’m single and this spoke to me. Doesn’t have Pretty Little Lies though, which a friend has strongly recommended.

This amazing Midwest-explainer video, because I’m the most annoying Midwesterner you’re gonna meet, probably.

All right, it’s 2PM, I’ve got church at 5PM, and somehow in those three in between hours, I have a lot of work to get done and somehow get rid of this headache.

Have a great week!






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