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March 30, 2017

picks from anthro’s spring 2017 home collection

Recently, I’ve been obsessed with pattern and color as they interplay in interior design. I’ve never really cared too much about interior design until now, and I’m surprised at the strong reactions I have to certain pieces or color schemes.

Anthropologie recently released their spring home collection, and I’m in love.  If you click the photos, you’ll be directed to Anthro’s website. Here are a few of my picks:

Kessabine Duvet from Anthropologie

Kessabine Duvet

I love how the pom-poms and tassels add texture to this off-white duvet. I don’t trust myself with a typical white duvet, but somehow this feels more approachable and adult (I’m currently using my duvet from high school).

Perasima Dinner Plate from Anthropologie

Perasima Dinner Plate

This is just pretty. I’m a sucker for pretty china. Blame my mother and her gorgeous wedding china we used every year at Christmas/Easter/Thanksgiving/any fancy occasion.

Elowen Armchair from Anthropologie

Elowen Armchair

I do wonder if this chair is any comfortable, but look at the cute, delicate feet!

Tegula Shower Curtain from Anthropologie

Tegula Shower Curtain

Such a cheerful shower curtain.

Joi Tasseled Towel Collection from Anthropologie

Joi Tasseled Towel Collection

Don’t these tassels add a cute detail to what would be a regular towel?

Gisela Juicer Mug from Anthropologie

Gisela Juicer Mug

I don’t make juice right now, but with this juicer I would! (she says, optimistically.)

Teal Light Candelabra from Anthropologie

Tea Light Candelabra

Such a fun way to arrange tea lights!

Adema Rug from Anthropologie

Adema Rug

I know I already included a rug in this roundup, but look at the colors. Look at them.

Velvet Meredith Sofa from Anthropologie

Velvet Meredith Sofa in Navy

I 1000% cannot afford this sofa, but a girl can aspire to more than her Ikea futon. I think this couch is my highest form.

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