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April 5, 2017

minimalist jewelry

The last time I bought jewelry for myself just because was probably when I was frequenting Claire’s in a suburban Illinois mall. Since then, my style has drastically changed, and now that I’m taking home a regular chunk o’ change, I’d like to invest in some pieces I know I’ll get great wear out of in the future. (You can click on the photos to be taken to the product’s page!)

^EM Jewelry Design – Sula Studs – $44.00

^FashionAble – Cascade Lariat – $48.00

^EM Jewelry Design – Tetra Studs – $28.00

^Live Fashionable – Galaxy Earring – $38.00

^Live Fashionable – Linear Earrings – $36.00

^Live Fashionable – Mini Tag Necklace – $44.00

^Mejuri – 360 Ring – $95.00

About the shops:

EM Jewelry Design is a cute boutique shop based in Waco, Texas and specializes in really cool, unusual but flattering shapes inspired by architecture. For a shop that makes everything by hand, the prices just can’t be beat.

Live Fashionable is based in Kansas City, Missouri, and is a brand in a similar vein to Lauren Conrad’s Little Market, in which products are sustainably sourced and manufactured through women in developing countries. The idea is that, instead of giving away money, Live Fashionable gives these women a safe job to provide for their families, as well as provide an income stream to small companies in countries all over the world looking to promote their products.

Mejuri is a global company founded on the belief that the everyday is a special enough occasion for beautiful, simple jewelry. By far one of the most popular minimalist brands, their prices are higher, but their quality is rumored to be some of the best in the business.

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