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April 17, 2017

easy like easter

Hey friends! This is late because it’s Easter and I spent the morning with lil’ munchkins snatchin’ eggs at the Navy Yard. I’m super lucky to have family in the area who invited me into their home for the morning. Now I’m back in Foggy Bottom looking for apartments and fighting off the Sunday scaries.

Here’s some stuff to read as you get ready for your week:

“The Brutality of the Barkley Marathons” from Deadspin is such a fave this week. Also check out the Netflix doc if you get the chance. It’s just one of those weird, culty, interesting, strange things we have in America. I love it. (And yes, I’m trying to run more, thanks for asking).

I’ve been wearing this since Christmas and just ran out of my rollerball. I love the complexity of NEST scents, but may need something lighter for spring/summer. Suggestions? Maybe this? Or this? 

Really could be persuaded to cook this or this.

Excited to dig into this this week: during a summer of political upheaval, a queer black woman hikes the Appalachian Trail.

I really need to go back to France soon. 

These are the only #relationshipgoals you need, via Refinery29.

Are you excited for this week? It feels like D.C. will exhale and suddenly summer will be here. I’m really not ready to say goodbye to spring.

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