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April 18, 2017

one glossier please

If you’ve entered my life recently, you know two things:

  1. I have a deep, deep love of skincare.
  2. I have a deep, deep distrust of makeup.

As someone who’s had spots since teenagerdom (I like to call them “spots” and not acne because “spots” is cuter???), makeup has been a necessary evil. Can’t go outside without it, but it’ll make your sad pores even sadder. Until recently, I thought this would be the cycle of my life. Fighting spots, covering them up, removing makeup, finding more spots.

But with the proliferation of skin-positive makeup brands like Glossier, the sudden coolness of *gasp* taking decent care of your skin, and the rise of the beauty athleisure movement, suddenly it was cool to look like you weren’t wearing anything. At all. And, ladies and gentlemen, that nexxus of lazy and minimalist is where I THRIVE.

Enter: Glossier.

I’ve been wearing Boy Brow in brown for around 6 months now, and I’m on my second tube. I love this stuff. This stuff is crack for your eyebrows. I don’t look like I did anything, but I did, and that’s such a fun secret to keep. It’s like when you make the brownies with the recipe on the box and everyone says “Where did you get this recipe?” and you can bat your eyes without saying anything OR you can exclaim “The back of the box!” but no one will believe you, you sly fox, because those brownies are delicious.

I love this stuff. So much so that I sprung for their Skin Tint and two Cloud Paint blushes (in Dusk and Beam), too. The coverage? Minimal. But the color payoff is awesome on both the tint and the blushes, and you know what else? I can see my skin.

I’m always going to have spots, just like I’m always going to have dark undereye circles and dandruff (spoilers). My feet will always be a little gnarly thanks to the figure skating.

This is the body we get, and the skin we get, and no matter how much yoga I do, I can’t change that.  So you can get enough sleep, drink lots of water, wear sunscreen. I realized a while ago that I don’t care who sees me with a zit. People get zits. Sometimes you fart when you laugh. I think we can all admit it.

Tl;dr: You only get one skin, so try to take care of it and congratulate it when it does okay. Take care of it.

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