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April 23, 2017

easy like sunday

I spent the afternoon ambling with my momma through U & 14th St, showing her that Georgetown isn’t the only place she’d love here. Culmination of the afternoon was rifling through Miss Pixie’s. God, I love that place.

I’m finally getting over this cold of three days, and heading out on my first business trip next weekend. How are you?

My apartment hasn’t yet turned on the AC (nobody’s has – one thing I can’t stand about city life) so I’m spending swaths of my evenings with my window open as far as I can get it, hoping to catch a breeze. They really aren’t kidding when they call this place a swamp.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

This new collection from Ikea is really testing my budgeting resolve. So much pattern/color!

Because the J-school genes never die: NPR’s Staff Diversity report.  Remember that the news you get is only as good as those who tell it and pay. for. your. news.

I live for a good crochet tank.  Also, to really confuse you, I also live for a good summer loafer.  In Tangerine. Naturally.

Really love this take on effectively managing your time. 

Look: I don’t think I could ever be composed enough for proper engagement photos but these are #goals. 

Madewell is making it really hard for me to stick to my budget and this is why. 

This writer really producing the content we need: “I Tried Every Single Product in Emma Watson’s Beauty Routine.” 

These are nuns who grow medicinal cannabis and, regardless of your stance on medicinal pot, this furthers my longstanding argument that nuns are, well, pretty dope (I did it for the pun).

The Kentucky Derby is almost upon us, which means that the Murawski-Craine 2017 Family Gambling Pool Group Chat is also almost upon us. Play to win.

Hope you have a wonderful, restful Sunday. I have to keep downing fluids to make sure this cold is gone by next weekend. Adios.

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