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May 6, 2017


I religiously wear sunscreen, mostly out of habit. I burn anywhere, any time. Winter. Summer. I can get a sunburn on the fifteen minute walk to work in the morning. It’s annoying. For me, sun care is just part of life, like washing your face in the morning or taking off makeup at night. I’ve also recently started using Differin, a low-grade OTC retinoid (eep!) which means I’m even more sensitive to sun damage. However, I wasn’t always so steadfast in my sunscreen love, so I’m sharing what I use to keep all those nice Vitamin-D filled rays at their best (and from wreaking havoc at their worst).

CeraVe Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Face Lotion

This is my go-to every-day-under-makeup sunscreen. It’s thicker, and it may make you look a little paler, but I’m already pretty pale, so I don’t seem to mind. It doesn’t pill, but it can get stuck in dry spots, so I use a pretty powerful moisturizer as well. I don’t think this would work for everyone, but it’s become my favorite reliable every day sunscreen. It’s also a nice, thick primer for skin.

Supergoop City Sunscreen Serum (Broad Spectrum SPF 30)

Oh man, I love this stuff. This is something I usually reach for if I don’t want to wear makeup at all, or very little. It’s light, blends right into skin, and you don’t need a lot to reap the rewards. It goes on under moisturizer in the morning, and I like to give it a few minutes to really sink in. If you’re sick of sticky, tacky sunscreens (CeraVe can get like this), this one is for you. Bonus? I’ve never seen it alter my skin tone.

Almay Smart Shade CC Cream in shade 100 Light (Broad Spectrum SPF 35)

When I’m looking for more coverage (which is rarely), I reach for this. It’s still pretty sheer by anyone else’s standards, but I like that SPF is built into the formula. It can set a little dewy, which I like, but with a little powder, it’s a nice sheer correction cream that covers redness.

Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist with Rosemary (Broad Spectrum SPF 50)

This is a holy grail product for me. Just shake and spray when you want a refresh, or set your makeup, or want another blast of SPF. I used this a few weeks ago while out in the sun, and it really did make the different between reapplying sunscreen and going totally without. Granted, it won’t protect you in the same way reapplication might, but it’ll bridge the gap until you can reapply. Plus, the rosemary scent is so refreshing.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunscreen (Broad Spectrum SPF 70)

For neckline, ears, body, this is what I turn to. While I’ve heard that anything over SPF 50 is bull, I’ll admit that the SPF 70 was a selling point. Remember to reapply every three hours, esp. if you’re sweaty/at the beach/chasing bad guys!

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