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May 15, 2017

easy like (baseball)

Good morning good morning!

I’m clutching a cup of coffee and drifting barefoot around this studio to Grace Potter. Once a hippy kid, always a hippy kid. Yesterday was mother’s day, which can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The really cool part about growing up in a family of mostly women is that my grandad used mother’s day to celebrate all of the women in his life, not just the moms. I like that approach.

My mom taught me about a lot of things, but one of the most important was a deep commitment to finding a way to laugh in any situation. I love her bunches. Often, a lot of our family members and friends tell me I seem like a mini-Caren. I’m love that.

Yesterday I’m went to take in a Washington Nationals baseball game with my auntie, and then talked to my best friend for a v long time. Different time zones suck, but life is so, so good.

Just bought this dress for a fancy work event, continuing my obsession with fancy sleeves.

I’ve been on a palm-leaf-pattern kick lately.

Sheryl Sandberg gave a speech about resilience to VA Tech’s graduating class, and my god, it’s good. 

Love this post about dating like a “cool girl.” Similar to my feelings on “chill,” as in, it’s not dorky to give a shit about something.

Okay, take this quiz from the NYT about which tech giants you could give up, and then tell me your answer in the comments; my order was Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet.

For my fellow longreads lovers: this lush piece about ice hockey (yes).

How to maintain friendships in different life stages. I have friends who are married and friends who haven’t graduated yet, so this resonates a lot.

Hope you have a great week, friends.


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