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May 21, 2017

easy like (sunday)

(team Blurry Photo / No Makeup Weekends who’s with me?)

Wow, friends, it’s been a week right? My rent is going up (got that letter this week, yikes), this whole Russia thing is p crazy, and now D.C. is officially the steamy, swampy, humid melting pot of sweat that it will be for the rest of the summer. Oh, sweet, sweet spring breezes, how I’ll miss you. I got to work on Friday and had to put my hair up to cool down. Long hair is weird but ponytails are awesome. These are my takeaways.

What were you reading this week?

I am a Gemini, hear me roar. 

I’ve always been interested in astrology, and I recently figured out my birth chart (ik, I’m weird), and this Man Repeller article is a super awesome primer for astrology newbies! (Also, no, I won’t be blaming Mercury retrograde any time soon, but it’s cool to see what “you’re like” based on things totally out of your control!). Some of my chart is accurate and some of it isn’t – it’s fun to explore, though! (<— SUCH a Gemini, amirite)

I’m slowly but surely making close friends in D.C. (even if my closest homies seem to be moving further and further west), but this guide to making friends in a new city is fire.

Why do we insist on socializing at night (sincerely, the girl who has STILL not mastered the art of adult bedtime)?

Lol Coach has a NASA-themed space collection so goodbye hard-earned money.

A letter to a working mom, from her daughter. 

I am crying (in laughter) at this New Yorker essay.

It’s a $44 t-shirt but, like, this is very much on-brand for me. 

Also, causal reminder to pay for your freakin’ news. I’ve got a lot of skin in the game because **J-school alumnae** so subscribe to the NYT here and WaPo here (despite their melodramatic new slogan). Paying for a subscription directly affects funding for business travel, healthcare coverage, salaries – all stuff we want our news orgs to give to their employees right? Right.

Okay. I have to do a million things and go eat some eggs. Talk at you again soon! Wear sunscreen!

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