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May 29, 2017

easy like (23)

(I feel like your birthday should hold all of your favorite things, and this is mine: sunrise on a rooftop in Rome. That’s the Vatican in the distance.) I wrote a whole other post for this day, but upon re-reading it, it just didn’t fit. #Typical.

I should be doing yoga, which I promised myself I would do this morning, instead of drinking coffee and eating a toasted everything bagel right now, but *shrug* birthday weekends are birthday weekends. I’m officially 23, which feels pretty anticlimactic, but I did get a little emotional about all the calls/texts/general kindness from my friends and family. It’s really powerful to know how loved you are, and I definitely knew it yesterday.

22 began just after college graduation and ended just before one full year in D.C. 22 was weird. 22 had a lot of mistakes and lots of confusion. Something about 22 never felt quite right, you know? Like I was trying to solve a puzzle that never had enough pieces. I was obsessed with questions “what’s next?” and “am I prepared for it?” and in the last few months I’ve realized that the answers to those are “you don’t know,” and “probably not.”

At 23, I will probably still feel ambivalent at best about eggs (I know they’re good for you, but recently the texture has really gotten to me). I will still crave thunderstorms like the ones that used to rip through CoMo and my little corner of Illinois, when you can feel the thunder in your chest and in your walls. I’ll still be a weird, anxious goofball with a deeply adored 80s pop playlist on Spotify. I’m still gonna be a weird mix of North Shore/Gold Coast and Far South Side. I will still deeply, deeply love all forms of carbohydrates. Beef pierogis are in fact heaven given to us by the gods. I should be doing yoga.

These are just a few things that I know to be true.

That, and that 23 will hopefully be just as challenging, rewarding, deeply confusing and wonderfully rich year that 22 was.

Here’s some stuff to read:

Very into this mostly Ikea apartment.

Uhm, there are DOLPHINS in the POTOMAC and NOBODY TOLD ME.

I really like this approach to goal-setting. 

I noticed this content trend but wasn’t sure what to make of it. Certainly something advertisers and those partnering with influencers should notice.

Been using a lot of these recently: 20 things to do after a stressful day. 

I know I shouldn’t buy more cookbooks but I’ll probably buy this one.

Been diving deeply into my favorite poems lately. Here are a few:

Happy Sunday, friends. Thank a vet. It’s Memorial Day.

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