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June 5, 2017

easy like monday? (night?)

My friend Zach made an album, and it’s a great piece of writing/music/art. “Debt Sounds” deals with dark themes and is crazy relatable for a recent grad like myself, as well as someone who’s battled anxiety for most of her life. Plus, Zach’s an amazing lyricist. Give it a listen here on Bandcamp and buy it on iTunes.

Whoops, I meant to post this earlier! This weekend just ran away from me in the “I don’t really have any plans, so I’m going to do whatever I feel like” way. I bought a bikini I feel pretty good in (and it’s REVERSIBLE which feels so cost effective), I cleaned (most) of my dirty dishes, and I cooked a whole bunch of turkey cutlets for lunches for the week. I went to a wonderful brunch that involved a board game and it was just great.

Here’s some stuff you should read while drinking rosé and drawing a bubble bath, which I may or may not be doing tonight (AFTER cleaning my apartment):

Love this DIY keychain, but not sure it would solve the problem of me losing my keys in my work bag.

I have this guide bookmarked because it’s just so helpful: How to Save Money While Living in the City

Very seriously considering buying this wine rack.  I feel like a wine rack is a purchase that a 23 year old makes, right?

Really loved Joy the Baker’s Baking 101: FAQ post. 

You already know I’m a sucker for pattern, so my drooling over this tile compilation shouldn’t surprise you.

“Please Wash Your Hair as Much as You Want” **Praise hands emoji**

Love this career/life advice from Toni Morrison. Will be picking up the June 5 issue of The New Yorker to read more.

Love this beach towel, also looking to grab a picnic blanket in the near future for some Jazz in the Garden evenings.

Okay, I hope your Monday wasn’t too bad! We’ll talk soon!

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