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July 17, 2017

easy like (sunday night)

Good evening pals! Started the day with a virtual-morning coffee with a good, old friend. We can’t meet up for coffee anymore on Sunday mornings, but it’s a nice ritual that technology lets us continue. It’s nice to connect with people who have seen you through seasons.

Now I’m running around cleaning this apartment (that I will be leaving very very soon!!!) and grocery shopping and doing all the things we all leave until the last minute on the weekend. Man, I’m really sad to see this one slip away.

Here’s what I’m reading:

You probably shouldn’t start with this one, but it’s what I’ve had my nose in most of this week: “The Uninhabitable Earth” is pretty much a doomsday primer on the immediate and long-term projections for climate change.

Okay, you know I love Modern Love and happy endings: “How to Stop Breaking Up.”

Answers to the skin care questions you google late at night (#guilty).

Ten simple wellness tips (they’re not “Get enough exercise!” and “Get enough sleep!” like yes, I’m trying, thank you).

5 questions to ask when you’re considering a big change.

RED ALERT: Blue Bottle Coffee opened their DC location. I’m not okay.

Currently reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s “The Signature of All Things.

NYT Magazine did an insane story on all the places on earth we attempt to preserve things for the future (yes, like that seed bank you’ve been hearing about, but also lots of other labs).

I think my natural summer state is somewhere within Cleobella’s new arrivals. 

Hey, I really like you. I hope someone has said that to you lately. Have a nice week, pals.



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