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July 23, 2017

easy like (sunday)


I’m writing this week’s post on a lazy Saturday afternoon, after schlepping through the National Gallery of Art (again) this morning. I saw Dunkirk last night, and while I was skeptical about seeing it in IMAX, I’m really glad I did. It completely enhanced the entire experience of the movie, which is beautifully shot and written, especially because there’s very little dialogue.

Tonight I’m going to hardcore hibernate and start packing since I picked up the keys to my new apartment yesterday!! Not looking forward to packing all the crap I own, but I am looking forward to doing quite a bit of pruning to my closet.

As for Sunday, I get to see a friend who’s moved back to D.C. for law school and finally get to enjoy his company again, and I’ve got another one coming in on Thursday of this week. Life is good.

Here’s what I’m reading:

I’ll be honest: I meant to spend Sunday morning active, working out, moving some boxes. But I got sucked into this NYT story about Mosul. Read it.

The foundation of my #winter #personal #brand is giant sweaters with fun sleeves, and I am lusting after: this yellow one, this blue one with amazing sleeves. 

Really struggled with pointless “I’m sorry!”s this week. Anyone else? Here are 7 more phrases to avoid at work.

Unsure how I feel about Nike’s FlyKnit tech, but these are pretty, at least.

Eating seasonally is something I feel strongly about, especially because simply shopping what’s in season (stone fruits like peaches in summer, citrus in winter, etc) saves TONS of money. You’re also going to get better quality produce because it’s not flying in from god knows where, or sitting forever in a shipping bay.

Make an epic cheeseboard with items from Trader Joe’s

How to unplug from social media without being annoying (I get it, I get it, you feel better. Let me mindlessly scroll through Insta in peace).

Wow making new friends is still terrifying but luckily the Everygirl also understands this and made a tip sheet.

I thought this piece on a “third place” was really interesting.

I hope you get lots of sunshine and none of the humidity today – or a little humidity. But not a lot.

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