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September 3, 2017

easy like (Seattle)

Morning pals! I’m curled up in a basement in Green Lake, Seattle, marveling at the lightness and non-humidity of the early morning air. It feels like it’s been decades since I’ve felt a crisp morning breeze. Can’t lie – I really missed it. It’s also my mom’s birthday today, and so naturally I’m missing her like crazy.

I’m spending Labor Day weekend visiting one of my closest friends and basically falling in love with the city. Seattle has everything I love about a city in one place, conveniently located next to water (Puget Sound & Lake Union) and nature (several great hiking spots are less than 1 hour away). Is that not enough to seduce you right here and now??

Anyway, I don’t want to wax poetic too much – I’m writing a post about it! So I hope you’re curled up in somewhere on vacation, or at least in a nice cozy bed, and are sipping coffee with someone you really like (or just yourself. That’s rad too).

Here’s what I bookmarked for the plane ride home:

If you’ve been as awed and rejuvenated and inspired by the stories of average people in boats risking their own lives to save strangers from the Harvey floods, you’re just like me. This New Yorker article is a good read about it, and why we need the Cajun Navy. 

(You can also still, of course, help Hurricane Harvey victims, as recovery is going to take a very long time and many people have lost EVERYTHING – the NYT has a great roundup of orgs doing great work, and also tips to avoid scams, which unfortunately crop up in the wake of disasters like this.

7 pants to try for fall that aren’t jeans – though I gotta say, there is nothing I love more as the leaves change than a nice piece of dark-wash denim.

Carly rounded up 4 lessons from the past year as she celebrated her birthday and I especially love the one about realizing that you can rewrite the story you tell yourself about yourself. So freakin’ powerful.

PSA: you can get a free Chick-Fil-A breakfast in September and here’s how. 

NYT Mag did a story about Elaine Welteroth, the new(ish) EIC of Teen Vogue, and I’m extremely hyped to read it while slogging through airport security.

A nice cohesive lineup of the Labor Day sales I’m interested in.

Okay, let’s enjoy this wonderful long weekend, and hug each other a little tighter. Fall is coming (!!!) so we’re gonna be all right.

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