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September 12, 2017

easy like (football)

Missing crisp mountain air today, for sure. 

Ladies and gentlemen: college football has returned. (Or, should I say, Notre Dame football has returned) [Editor’s note: so I watched the second game of the season. I was still very excited about it. I don’t have a TV guys, I do what I can.] I spent this weekend working a little (gotta do whatcha gotta do) but not nearly as much as some other people I know. Lazy mornings in bed with cold brew, long hammock-sits in Meridian Hill park, and lots of grilled cheese. I’m going to see if I can find it in my budget to go fall candle shopping soon – otherwise I’ll wait until I get paid. I’m cooking creamy lentils and spinach tonight and it smells un-be-lievable.

Are you excited for fall to get here? It’s already crisp in D.C. I love it. I reached for a sweater this morning. This is my favorite time of year (next to winter, obviously).

Here’s what I’ve had on my to-read list this week:

Booties. Booties. Booties. I am so excited to shop for booties this fall. Love these patterned ones. These classic black leather ones.

I really love Victoria’s site redesign!!

Peach affogato sounds so freaking good right now.

Hello yes, I have been ready for fall all year and now it is almost here. Here are some apple cider flavored things because we deserve it.

This is the freaking longread I have been writing in my head for years about Joni Mitchell. A truly under-recognized musical talent, even today.

If you’re on the east coast like me, here are some great places to see the leaves change. Can we all agree that we will henceforth refer to this as “leaf-peeping”? Good.

On the list of Big Adult Purchases I will need to make in the next year, mattress is on it (full size – so I can starfish and nothing will fall off) preferably with this headboard. This pillow is also adorable.

Okay. This week is probably going to be long, and it looks like we’re in for a wet, soggy heat wave here in D.C. Maybe fall weather will come back next week? Let’s hope.

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