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September 17, 2017

easy like (health)

Foggy D.C. mornings in the neighborhood. If you ever visit, head north away from the Mall. So much prettier. 

Hi pals! How are you this Sunday? I’m working on a few posts this week, including pt. 1 of my trip to Seattle over Labor Day! Can’t wait to show you all the (crazy beautiful) pictures. Washington was back to a sweaty mess this week, but the breezes are cooler and the sun sets earlier, so we’re all waiting for fall with bated breath. I’m still dealing with some health issues, but I’m trying to stay present, stay grateful, and remember that this is only a small bump in the grand scheme of things. Also, just take all your large horse pills with food – don’t argue with me on this one – just do it.

Here’s what I’m curled up reading this morning:

TIME’s list of female firsts is inspiring (and divisive – whether you like her or not, Kellyanne Conway is in here) and will keep you scrolling – I love this collection of stories.

The Everygirl has their fall bucket list and I’m making my own! Check back on Friday.

Looking @ these Athleta yoga pants for fall very closely

Really love this red lipstick roundup, mostly because I just realized I don’t own any??

Due to the health stuff I’m dealing with, I recently starting taking a probiotic, and might even continue after these medical issues conclude. What do you think about your gut’s health? 

Ugh look at these booties look at them. These ballet flats are also 50% off, so you are welcome in advance. Actually here’s the entire loafer page on Might be easier.

Definitely need to read this post-coffee, but I am ready to dig in and dive deep: “RT, Sputnik, and Russia’s New Theory of War” from NYT Magazine. And this: “Five Houstonians, Five Days in a Flood Zone

I bought this candle and this candle today and I feel like it was an actual investment in my seasonal happiness. My mother is a candle person. I am a candle person. I am who I am. (#FALL)

Love these easy date night recipes. They could even be used for date night for one! Date yourself! Whoo!

Okay, I’m off to see a good friend for coffee and try to not feel gross. I hope you have a great week!

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