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October 1, 2017

easy like (fall)

It’s finally here!! Fall is here! I’m writing this on Saturday afternoon before heading to get pizza with a friend tonight. I had Ethiopian for the first time last night and LOVED it. Today is brisk, crisp, with a nice fall breeze and fluffy fluffy clouds. I am finally in my element. The long sleeves have come out, and I’m getting ready to wear layers on layers. I baked pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies this morning, and I’m finally, finally feeling a little better.

Here’s what I’m reading this week:

How to deal with your Sunday scaries head on.

I really love this post about the power of writing, and how it can positively affect your emotional balance. I know for a fact that I just feel better after a writing session.

LOVE this interview with a young food blogger in Memphis, TN who started her own dinner party subscription box service! Such a fun idea.

This Man Repeller piece has been making the rounds on text messages with friends recently – is this the reason straight guys won’t commit? Full disclosure: If someone is stringing you along, won’t text you back, waffles about commitment (AND you know what you want, and it ain’t that), cut them loose.

Also loving this piece on where 5 authors write: how, why, where. It’s so intimate and interesting.

Obviously I still have a crush on Prince Harry even though I know for a fact Megan Markle is also the perfect lady for him.

walk in love is a cute brand for my fellow Christian peeps, and I love this “grace upon grace” embroidered sweatshirt for fall.

Tahini Caramel Apples are definitely on my list for this week. Making caramel apples is one of my favorite fall traditions. Keep an eye out for a Fall Bucket List post!

 I hope you have a week full of crisp breezes and pumpkin spice and all the beatifil things about fall we only get to enjoy once a freakin’ year. 

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