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October 15, 2017

easy like (humidity)

Happy slow, humid morning, pals. D.C. has enjoyed a few too many days of near-100% humidity, which has been distinctly unfall-like. This weekend was full of friends who came in from out of town and a little bit of work and some birthdays. Yes, I’m still looking for a winter coat, but with weather like this, I may not need one. I also need to get better about texting back. It really helps to own up to your imperfections (that is by far one of the smaller ones).

Here’s what I’m curled up reading this morning, with leftover chocolate chip pancakes – yes, still a pancake girl:

Intrigued by this: Pad Thai with spaghetti squash?

This super-poignant piece about the very shared experience among most women about being flashed and groped. Sometimes, it’s so sad you have to laugh.

Have I evangelized Gap jeans to you yet? I love Gap jeans. As a short, chicken-legged, “petite” girl, it’s really freakin’ hard to find jeans that are flattering, and don’t bunch in weird places. I bought these in the wrong size, but sized up online and got them for 50% off. Their True Skinny line is everything I need in a pair of pants. Run, don’t walk, petite pals.

*Dances frantically* Look at all of these crockpot recipes!

I read this piece on John Green during some downtime at work, and it stuck with me throughout the week – I’m extremely open about my struggle with anxiety, and how it can completely morph the world you love into a place you fear. Luckily, I met with an amazing therapist in college (for free, Mizzou! Keep it free!) who taught me some basic tools and coping mechanisms for when my anxiety seems out of control. I definitely want to reach John’s book, if only for the deeply realistic portrayal of anxiety and mental health. If you love someone or know someone who struggles with this, I’d suggest it too.

You’re going to cry when you watch this, and I was having a particularly emotional morning, so I absolutely sobbed, but it is so worth it. The author is right when they say that we will be the last generation to meet Holocaust survivors, and that it is “a tremendous responsibility.”

Wow, rapidly switching gears from the last link: look at these slippers I don’t need but REALLY WANT.

Love this article about styling a renter’s kitchen.

Pretty desperate to try some of these new cookbooks.

I’m always looking to incorporate more protein in my diet – this list is super helpful.

Okay, let’s go tackle this week. Maybe we’ll make the world a better place. Maybe we’ll just come out the other side. Who knows.

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