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October 23, 2017

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Good evening friends

I spent today doing a lot of stuff I like with people I like, and also found time to clean my apartment and go grocery shopping and check my budget. I like weekends like these, where you kind-of-sort-of have plans, but mostly lay around and cuddle.

Here’s what I’m reading today:

Naturally, I miss Montreal, and so you must suffer with me while we read about the top foodie places in (one of) the greatest cities in North America. 

This apartment channels a lot of the style aesthetics I strive to have, but am too messy for. I need more color and texture in my place, but I really love the quirky details and cohesive vision the interior designer has.

I’m trying to be REAL intentional with the end of my 2017 and that means getting my priorities straight for 2018 (do I want to take the LSAT or GRE? do I want to go to grad school? do I want to learn more about investing? etc etc ad nauseum). This guide is something I’ve purchased and will be working on to get my head straight for the new year. 

This guide on how your astrology affects your career was spooky-accurate.

Really needed this tough love from Maxie’s column on Carly’s blog.

Short list today, mostly because I’ve been doing other things all week. Fun post up tomorrow!


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