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November 27, 2017

easy like (x-mas music!!)

YES it’s finally allowed. I don’t let myself play christmas music until RIGHT after Thanksgiving. Did you have a great holiday? Mine was perfectly calm, and that’s the way I needed it. Now I’m back in D.C., stressin’ about work before the holidays, and how I’m going to see all the people I want to see and do all the things I want to do before leaving for Chicago again.

(I’m also considering hosting a christmas cookie bake-off. Please convince me this is a bad idea, because my apartment does not have this kind of space).

Here’s what I read on the plane back this week:

Very intrigued by the idea that maybe your skin needs *more* bacteria, and not less??

This guide for gently debunking political myths from your family members over the holidays (including what to say back!) is >>>>>

ATTN ppl, esp single friends: getting a dog may save your life! 

Go deeper into your gratitude practice.

“When we surrender our own joy to make those in pain feel less alone or to make ourselves feel less guilty or seem more committed, we deplete ourselves of what it takes to feel fully alive and fueled by purpose.” – Brene Brown

Haikus on the freedom and frustration of birth control.

The Everygirl’s 2017 Budget-Friendly Holiday gift guide has your back.


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