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December 10, 2017

easy like (SNOW!)

It snowed here yesterday! ALL DAY! We got maybe 2.5 inches max of snow, but it’s 2.5 inches more than last year! I don’t pretend to believe that D.C. will ever fulfill my super snowy winter dreams, but it’s nice to be surprised every once in a while, right? I got to see lots of friends this weekend, and had lots of fun seasonal holiday times.

I woke up with what seems to be a seasonal cold this morning, so I’m doing my best to get better in one day so I can work my last full week before X-mas vacation! We’ll see – if I’ve learned anything from the health issues this fall, it’s listening to your body, and self-compassion. I exercise, I eat right – sometimes I can’t control when I get sick.

Here’s what I was reading this week:

This account of the first woman to swim the English Channel is super badass

Love these fresh interior design trends for 2018

Cool read from FiveThirtyEight: what the last winter olympics would have looked like without Russia (as this year’s will be).

Super interested in LUSH’s solid shampoo bars and solid conditioners – if I try them out, I’ll let you know what I think!

I’m…kind of…shook at how great Abercrombie suddenly is?

Okay, short list because I’m gonna kick this thing, I know it.

Have a great week!


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