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December 31, 2017

love the journey

2017 was a weirder year than I planned. More emotional, too. I marked one year in a new home. I got promoted at my first job. I saw new friends move away, lost old friends, and met new ones. The news at times enraged and encouraged me, and I learned how to stop walking everywhere with my headphones in again.

I flew home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, which was a blessing. And then I realized that being back in your childhood home gets more complicated when you’re halfway-settled somewhere else.

I kept my flexible definition of “faith,” and I urge everyone who may be a recovering Catholic like me to remember that faith can be funny, coincidental, and human. That your faith should guide how you walk through this life – and should never feel like a yoke too heavy to bear.

I accepted that this year was going to be a “growth” year, which means less boxes to check, less accomplishments in the bank – but it would allow for some deep questions and deeper answers about who I want to be and what I want for myself.

It led to the death of #relationshipgoals and more speaking my mind. Asking for what I want has always been a struggle, but this year I really seemed to get the hang of it – and that turned some friends off a bit.

This year, for me, has been about loving the journey, the in-between, the getting-settled-ness of life. I hope you’ll recognize these pieces of your life as well, and celebrate them.

Lots of love going into 2018, whatever your journey is.

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