March 29, 2014

About Me


My name is Alise, and I’m a firm believer in a few key things:

The best stories are true. Or, they’re rooted in truth.

I love connecting people with ideas, organizations, causes, books, artists, music, etc. etc. that they care about. I get a little too excited when I can introduce someone to a book I know they’ll like or a non-profit I know they share interests with.

I believe that authenticity can be missing from social media and the Internet as a whole, which means I really strive to only take photos on my lil’ iPhone 6. I also take them myself (or employ a very patient friend/family member).

I don’t believe in a life lived through a phone screen. Chances are, if the dinner’s good, I won’t whip out my phone to Instagram it. However, I think there’s an upside to sharing parts of your life, your passions, and your goals with others (and I love hearing about others’ lives/passions/goals).

By day, I work at a PR firm in D.C. on social change campaigns. By night, I’m probably writing here or in a notebook; painting with some acrylics; at happy hour; or reading a really good book. My latest is “The Signature of All Things,” by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Hailing from a very small town north of Chicago but south of Milwaukee, I’m a Midwestern girl at heart; The tater-tot-casserole-loving, long-winter-enjoying, diehard-Chicago-Cubs-fan kind of girl. Moving to the East Coast has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s already proving to be a different kind of adventure. I hope you’ll follow along here.

Where does the blog’s name come from? 

Carol is the name of my maternal grandmother, and it reminds me of the many strong, creative women who paved the way before me. She was a painter, a mother, a wife, and a fantastic powerhouse of inspiration. So that’s how you get “maryalisecarol.” (My full name is Mary Alise.)

You can reach me via gmail with any questions, thoughts, or comments:

So nice to meet you!