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May 7, 2017

easy like derby

Happy Kentucky Derby weekend! I really don’t get into horse racing except for this weekend – my family has a group text, winner takes all, and it’s a lovely way to connect with family across the country for a day or two, even if we are all talking trash. I’m seeing a friend I haven’t seen in aaaaages this morning for coffee, and I hope to finally deep clean my apartment post-flu. (Please, please get your flu shot, and don’t be like me. I was down for the count for around a week!) What’s on your weekend to-do list?

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December 8, 2014



Well last week my hard drive crashed and life became a lot more interesting!

Luckily someone noticed it before me and I saved the majority of important files on my computer, but there’s something about being caught off-guard like that…it was a blessing inside a curse though, because I could pretend I didn’t have any responsibilities during last week’s Thanksgiving Break while the hard drive was off being replaced. Now, of course, it’s miraculously (and expensively) fixed, so I can go back to regularly checking my email and being a general workaholic.

I definitely didn’t go stir crazy without my computer though. Yes, I still had a phone and WiFi and all that jazz. And yes, I did miss West Wing on Netflix and may have watched five episodes in a row when I got my computer back. But did a lot of fun things sans computer too. I read Paper Towns by John Green, a book I’ve been meaning to read (in one day, no less! Girl’s still got it!). I cooked stuffing with my family to prep for Thanksgiving, I played with my adorable dog, and I actually got to relax. For me, it’s hard to relax in a college town as big as Columbia. There’s always someone to make plans with, something to do, somewhere to go. That can really get to me after a while, and I feel a bit emotionally exhausted.

Now, though, after a week of no-computer-no-problems, I feel more capable to tackle my inbox and assignments. I used to think it was annoying when people “unplugged” and then sang its praises. Well duh not using a computer for a week will make you feel better! It’s not rocket science!

But, alas, I have become one of those people. And I don’t know how to feel about it.

Here’s to hoping you get to unplug during the coming holiday weeks, and get to sing its praises too.

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September 1, 2014

Things I Wanted to Write About This Week, But Didn’t

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Classes have begun! After a small snafu involving my Africana Womanism English course (i.e. the professor didn’t come to class…at all?), I’m genuinely thrilled with the course load I’m taking (three journalism classes, yeah!). My sister also began her first week at college, which is equally surreal.

Who let me become a junior?

Also, my friend Elise (there’s a lot of us on this campus) is posting again!! I love because she’s got the best eye for food, especially food created in a *dorm* which is insanely difficult (speaking from experience). I love reading Elise’s running recaps too; she makes me want to get out and get moving!

P.S. The revamped “Cosmos” series with Neil deGrasse Tyson is a new obsession of mine on Netflix. As a little girl who watched all the space shuttle launches with her father on the couch, I couldn’t be happier to turn on an episode and learn something completely new about the universe.

Okay phew, now I’m done!