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August 15, 2016

Two Months Later

Georgetown Canal

Georgetown Canal

The weirdest thing about having an apartment all to yourself is the silence. The gentle pad of bare feet on wooden parquet floors. The constant hum of the too-powerful air conditioning, and the stifling humidity outside when you manage to get the window open.

I’m a slow adjuster to life in new places. And I have a lot of needs that I haven’t fulfilled yet. I need a coffee shop. I need a local bar to call my own. I need a hair salon, and a corner store. I need a church. I need a Thai place, or even better, an Indian place. I need open spaces. There are things like this that I haven’t figured out yet.

And that’s normal. I’m still exhausted after work every day. I’m usually too tired to do anything on the weekends except bake and read and call friends, and maybe if I’m ambitious, I’ll run when it’s not too muggy. But I still find myself slogging slowly around the Lincoln Memorial, dodging tourists, losing my pace again, and realizing that moving to another place doesn’t just mean moving all of your stuff.

It means moving your heart, too. And a little piece of mine is stuck in Missouri. Along with the little piece stuck in the lake-riddled north-easternmost county of Illinois. And the piece lodged in the sugar sand of Santa Rosa Beach on the Gulf.

So maybe this is how we do it. We take little pieces of our hearts and hide them all over.

I guess the trick is never asking for them back.


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July 25, 2015

Things I Wanted to Write About This Week, But Didn’t

(Can’t stop listening to this song.)

This week was broiling in DC. Absolutely awful. But we’re closing in on my last full weekend in my apartment (before rooming with a family friend for a week), and I’m have conflicting feelings. DC is great; in fact, it’s an amazing city. But I’m not sure it’s where I’ll end up. I definitely feel as though I’m leaving with more questions than when I arrived. That’s life though, right?

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been reading:

Attention Roommate: this Strawberry Watermelon Sangria will be a late-summer staple. 

Love this article on the “inherent unsexiness of playing it cool.”

This guy is about to play King Arthur (next year) and I would like to personally thank everyone involved in that casting decision.

Naturally the week wouldn’t be complete without a biting commentary on hipster culture by the Man Repeller (#guilty)

This kitchen is the kitchen to which I aspire. 

Have a great weekend! I’m off to go thrifting 🙂

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July 12, 2015

Things I Wanted to Write About This Week, But Didn’t.


teeny tiny succulents at a farmer’s market in DuPont Circle that I wish I could bring back to MO with me.

In true DC fashion, this week has been broiling and action-packed; here’s what I was reading on the metro this week via Pocket:

(Side note: I’m writing this while listening to this week’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ podcast [titled: Free Boobin’] and they discuss in detail their insane love affair with Stanley Tucci…a love affair I confess to having as well. Just look at him!)


And no, I couldn’t find a smaller picture of Stanley Tucci. Could I have tried harder? Maybe. But it is what it is. *shrugs*

Have a healthy and happy week!