February 25, 2016

Department of State

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Washington Foreign Press Center, United States Department of State (June-August 2015)

While interning with the WFPC, I assisted in coordinating briefings for DOS officials to address foreign media and to promote DOS initiatives to the appropriate audiences. If you’re curious about the content of the briefings on which I worked, please click one below:

Additionally, I assisted in selecting, vetting, and credentialing media for the following large-scale conferences and summits:

The WFPC plans and executes domestic reporting tours, in which foreign correspondents based in Washington are given the opportunity to explore American cities that embody various DOS initiatives. Foreign reporting tours, just like domestic tours, begin in Washington with a day of high-level meetings and continues overseas at pre-determined cities and locations important to DOS programming.

These domestic tours give the reporters a chance to talk to real Americans who have been affected by various issues, and give them the opportunity to bring the richness of context to their readers in their home countries. Examples of these tours include:

  • Bringing a group of reporters for a day in the boots of a Marine-in-Training at Marine Corps Base Quantico in Quantico, VA.
  • Exploring the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where the standards of measure for the United States (and the international scientific community) are developed.
  • Sending foreign journalists to Kansas City, Missouri and rural Maine to explore internet governance and how high-speed internet access can correlate to economic growth and success.

You can learn more about WFPC reporting tours here.